Relapse Prevention Methods from an Intervention Program for Drug Addiction in Iowa

June 4, 2008

Once your drug addiction treatment in Iowa at an inpatient center is completed, the intervention program will take over your case for a relapse prevention strategy.Most inpatient treatment centers in the state have relapse prevention programs of their own that they provide after the detox program is completed, but people have the choice whether they can participate in these programs or not. If you have had an intervention helping you out with addiction treatment in Iowa, they will also provide you with a comprehensive relapse prevention program. Let us see how an intervention program in Iowa helps for relapse prevention.

1. The relapse prevention provided by the intervention program will start as soon as the person is given the discharge from the inpatient treatment center. In fact, a drug intervention in Iowa will handle the formalities of discharge and even escort the person home if needed. They will send representatives to bring the person back home from the center so that he or she does not feel too disoriented when entering familiar surroundings again.
2. In the meantime, the family will have been coached on how they should treat the person when he or she comes back home, and they are explicitly told about what they must do and what they must not do. The point that a relapse can occur and they will have to go through the entire rigmarole of treatment once again is emphasized.
3. The intervention program may make someone stay with the patient for a number of days in order to coach him or her to begin an active life again and also to monitor the condition of the patient. During this period, meditative and relaxing techniques are taught to the patient that helps them to overcome their craving for the substance when it occurs.


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