Why is special Meth Rehab so Important in Drug Addiction Treatment in Colorado?

May 27, 2008

Until a few years recently, the only forms of drug addiction in Colorado that were known were those of heroin, cocaine and marijuana. These were undoubtedly the three major drugs of abuse within the state. But in the last ten years, a very hideous kind of drug monster has raised its head in the state. This monster is known as methamphetamine, or simply as meth. Methamphetamine is an amphetamine drug that is known to be a very strong stimulant and a drug that can cause a very instant high. In fact, the high produced by methamphetamine is so high that people very soon begin a craving for the substance, which can quickly turn into a lifelong addiction. The basic gist of the methamphetamine addiction in Colorado is that it is very quickly becoming a significantly influencing drug in the lives of the people who abuse it.

Methamphetamine is supplied to Colorado from neighboring states, distant states as well as from outer countries like Mexico. The drug is brought in here by illegal trafficking and is supplied to the local population, or sometimes carried over to other states that have a demand for the substance. This issue is difficult to tackle in itself, but what is making the situation more drastic is the fact that so many clandestinely operating labs have come up in the state that are producing methamphetamine from simple substances such as antifreeze, lantern fuel and cough syrups. These people distribute methamphetamine to the youth, which is making the problem extremely monstrous to solve.

It is not quite surprising to see the accelerated pace at which centers for meth rehab in Colorado are emerging. This is because methamphetamine addiction takes much more effort than other kinds of addiction for the treatment.


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