Drug Addiction Treatment or Prison

May 4, 2008


Drug related crimes are on the rise the world over, and it is no wonder that the law is coming down in full force upon them. But, in countries like the US where people believe in equal opportunities to all, the people convicted of drug addiction related felonies are given a choice.

They can either face a sentence in prison, or they can opt for treatment at a drug rehab. This is allowed in the US for criminals charged under PC 1000 or PC 1210. The law allows certain drug rehab centers to provide treatment to convicted people so that they can escape punishment. Other drug rehab centers may have similar programs, but the law only permits some of them.The basic premise behind giving such a choice to the offenders is the belief that drug addiction is a disease that makes people do things that they don’t want to do. The person is like a puppet in the hands of the addiction. Just as mentally imbalanced people are provided allowances for their crimes, drug addicts are provided this choice.

However, if the person chooses drug rehab treatment, then he or she has to follow the addiction treatment through to the end, or face imprisonment again. This means the person will have to completely abstain from the drug, face the withdrawal symptoms and undergo the counseling sessions. Their parole officer will monitor how the treatment is coming up, which means there will be no letting go of it.

Going for drug rehab instead of imprisonment is a much better choice for offenders because it helps them lead a life of sobriety and crimelessness in future. Demeaning though it sounds at the outset, going into rehab is a very wise choice to make.


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