Married Couples Getting Addiction Treatment At the Same Time

April 7, 2008

Oftentimes, a husband and wife both suffer from drug addiction or alcoholism at the same time. This only makes sense, especially if they both had a substance abuse problem before they met.

Social relationships have a big effect on one’s likelihood of addiction, and a spouse is one of the closest relationships that a person can have. It is important for the individuals in a couple to get help from an addiction treatment program at the same time. Otherwise, the chance of successful recovery for the person who does go to a rehab center is very low. They will quickly relapse when they return home if they’re living with someone who is continuing to engage in substance abuse.Some drug and alcohol treatment centers will accept married couples as patients together, but most of them won’t. Residential rehab facilities typically have rules in place that prohibit romantic relationships between clients. Allowing an existing couple to live there would obviously break those rules. Of the places that do allow married couples to get help together, some of them will allow them to stay in the same room, while others require that they sleep separately and live the same way as the other patients.

Although it might not seem preferable at first, there can actually be some benefits of the individuals getting addiction treatment separately. For one thing, they will not be distracted by one another and can focus on their goals of overcoming drug and alcohol abuse. They won’t be as worried about how the other person is progressing or have to work on their relationship along with everything else at this time. If the couple breaks any of the rules regarding physical contact or inappropriate relationships in a rehab program, they can be kicked out and lose this opportunity to better their lives. Getting help separately would prevent that from happening.


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