Success Rates of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

April 5, 2008


People always want to know the success rates of drug and alcohol rehab centers. There’s no doubt that this is an important thing to look into when you’re trying to choose the best treatment program for your needs. However, it shouldn’t be the only factor that you take into consideration.

For one thing, rehab centers may calculate their success rates in different ways. Ask them what their criteria are for deeming that a patient has been successful. Is it based on the number of people who complete the treatment program, or is it how many of them are sober after six months? Some places find ways to fudge or inflate their numbers. A figure of 80 percent is difficult to believe, even for the best drug and alcohol treatment centers. Try to get statistics for various types of outcomes, including the ones above.

Also, an individual is not a percentage. An accurate success rate may tell you a little about the rehab program, but it won’t necessarily tell you how well it will work for an individual person. That depends a lot on the addict’s motivation to change and the details of their unique situation. No matter how wonderful a particular treatment program is, it can’t make someone recover from drug and alcohol addiction who refuses to do the work. Likewise, even the lower quality rehab centers may be enough for someone who is highly dedicated to changing their life.

There are many factors that you should look into when choosing a facility for yourself or a loved one. Along with success rates, you want to make sure that the staff members have the proper credentials and experience. Make sure that their methods appear to be a good fit for the individual. There is no way to ensure that a treatment program will work, but you can take steps to make it more likely.


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