Substance Abuse Resources-Some Heroin Addiction Statistics from WHO

April 30, 2008


Heroin the major opiate consumed all over the world for recreational purposes. This drug is also among the most highly addictive drugs of the world, causing a dependency that is very difficult to get over.

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What do you do when you want to Provide Addiction Treatment to Someone

April 29, 2008

Sorry to say it so harshly, but alcoholics are a stubborn lot of people. They will binge and be inebriated every so often, but they will never accept that something is wrong with them. Their process of denial will run quite long, and within this time, the alcohol will have taken a severe toll on their bodies.

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The Costs of Substance Abuse such as Drug and Alcohol Abuse to Society

April 28, 2008


Substance abuse is hardly an individual problem. When a person falls prey to either drug abuse or alcohol abuse, the person is not able to work productively. This means the person contributes less work, and the society is definitely at a loss.

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The Health Hazarrds of a Heroin Addiction

April 27, 2008


If you consider it deeply, a heroin addiction does not have extremely drastic effects on a person’s health apart form the fact that an addiction of heroin cannot be shaken quite as easily as some of the other addictions can. The main reason is that heroin locates itself in the nervous system of the person over time and creates immunity for itself.

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The Famous 12 Step Treatment Program for Alcohol Addiction

April 26, 2008


The Alcoholics Anonymous made the 12 step treatment program for alcohol addiction, but now there are several other groups having similar programs. All of these programs have more or less the same principles, but there are subtle differences. The AA 12 step program, for example, is quite spiritual in nature including even Christian prayers like ‘The Our Father’, while other programs may skip such religious and spiritual overtones.

Most of the 12 step programs begin with an understanding that the person has a problem within himself or herself, and that is the alcohol addiction. Without this understanding, the treatment will not be possible. The subsequent steps include confession of the person to others about his or her problems, invoking a higher power to help them out of the addiction, apologizing to people that must have suffered due to the addiction, promising to find a cure and walk the right kind of life, i.e. a life free of addiction.

The 12 step programs for alcohol addiction treatment are carried out in closed groups in places like churches or in other peaceful settings. People come together and speak of these rules and then chart their own performances according to the program. This helps for a great deal of morale building. Looking at someone who has climbed higher in the 12 step program, other people get encouraged to do better themselves.

The 12 step programs are very noninvasive methods of alcohol addiction treatment that can be very safely used. However, these are effective only in people with mild addictions who have a sense of responsibility on their shoulders. For people for whom such mild treatments won’t work, there are always the alcohol rehab centers.

Three Things to Remember During Your Drug Detox Program

April 25, 2008


It is highly commendable that you have come forward to look for a drug detoxification program for yourself. This is the only way in which you can remove the drug addiction from your system and look forward to leading a better life.

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What Addiction Treatment do You Provide a Substance Abuse Addict

April 24, 2008

Substance abuse is becoming one of the largest social problems in today’s times, and it is not quite surprising if you find that someone in your own home is suffering from this problem. But what do you do when there is a substance abuse addict in your own home?

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Treating Alcohol Addiction and Drug Addiction with Holistic Methods

April 23, 2008

Holistic medicines have come into great prominence in recent years, especially since the advent of the Internet into everything that concerns human life. The Internet has brought these great treatment methods of the East and people from all over the world have accepted them.

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Myths about Treatment Centers

April 22, 2008

When people begin to realize that they’re having trouble with alcohol or drug abuse, or alcohol or drug addiction, they may look into treatment centers for help. Treatment centers can be a great way to for people having issues to try to get on the right foot and take the first major step to getting clean. Read more

Drug Treatment Center and the Treatment Program

April 21, 2008


Drugs and alcohol can ruin a person’s life.  The addict will give up everything to satisfy the beast within.  They may lose their jobs, their spouses, their friends, their houses, there is no limit to how low an addict will sink. 

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