Alternative Medicine at Drug Treatment Facilities

March 24, 2008


Drug treatment facilities are run by professionals.  Every single nurse, doctor and attending at these drug rehabilitation centers are highly qualified to help a recovering addict kick his or her habit out of his or her life.    They have a variety of methods in order to help these patients learn to live a drug free life.

These treatment facilities normally have two forms of in house treatment and an outpatient program.  The in house treatment means that the patient will be able to live on the drug rehabilitation premises for a specific amount of time which can be extended if need be.  Normally a patient who chooses in house care will stay for a long term stay or a short term stay.  The longer one is receiving treatment, the more chance of recovery there are but some addictions are caught early enough that a short run at the drug rehabilitation center will be sufficient.  Normally drug addictions to hard drugs such as heroine in particular, these cases need to be treated with long term care.

An interesting fact is that these drug treatment centers are introducing holistic methods in order to help patients kick the habit.   Some of these alternative and natural medicines include the use of aromatherapy, acupuncture and herbal remedies.  These are particularly useful while a patient is in the process of withdrawal. Normally he or she will be irritated and it will be hard for him or her to relax and calm down.  With the implementation of these alternative medicines, a patient learns to relax unconsciously through aromatherapy, for instance.


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